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Jul 19, 2012 7:00pm PDT
.n. security council after russia and china, again, exercised their veto power. the u.s. ambassador t tthe united nations says russia and china are protecting the syrian president and that thousands of civilians uld die as a result. susan rice spoke after the russian and chinese representatives at u.n. security council vetoed the latest resolution on the conflict in syria. the draft would have permitted nonmilitary sanctions if president assad's government refused to stop using heavy artillery within ten days and the resolution called for a 45-day extension of the u.n. cease-fire observers mission. the current term expires on friday. it's a third time russia and china have vetoed u.n. resolutions on syria. >> the security council has failed utterly. this is another dark day in turtle bay. one can only hope that one day, before too many thousands more die, that russia and china will stop protecting assad and allow -- >> western nations are expected to try to dlaft another resolution to extend the mission of the u.n. cease-fire observers. u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon regrets the securi
Jul 9, 2012 3:00pm EDT
was general keith alexander who runs the national security agency under u.s. cyber command. sanger goes on to say that general alexander is one of the quote most important figures in washington that no one ever heard of. i guess that's not true anymore judging from this room. he also says that in rare moments when he talks in politics, general alexander is pretty soft spoken about america's vulnerability to such attacks. but said one senator in a classified setting like the one the other day, it's very different. i don't know what that means exactly what about what to expect from our speaker today, i do know we could not have a better speaker to address this subject. general alexander enrolled in the u.s. military academy in the class of 1974. it was a maybe the first post vietnam class of members of that class actually were joining an constitution whose future was very much in doubt. they may joke sometimes about themselves. but general david petraeus is one of the distinguished graduates of that class has said they also called themselves class of 74 pride of the corp. that class has p
Jul 13, 2012 6:30pm EDT
>>> on the broadcast tonight, on the record mitt romney sits down with us one-on-one trying to set things straight after an ugly war of words over his business career. chemical weapons on the move in syria. where are they headed and why? u.s. officials are concerned as the violence there explodes. two weeks out and a lot of opening jitters in london. a massive show of force before the games begin. and here at home, growing controversy over those american olympic uniforms made in china. tonight the folks at ralph lauren are announcing a change. and making a difference for children in some of the toughest places on earth. a one woman dynamo still going strong at 90. a one woman dynamo still going strong at 90. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. mitt romney planned all along to run for president based on his private sector business experience. at the same time the obama campaign has had months to prepare an attack on mitt romney based on just that his private sector business experience. just today this issue and romney's past in
Jul 31, 2012 8:00am PDT
by wealthy u.s. donors in jerusalem, romney spoke of a "dramatically stark difference in economic vitality" between israel and the occupied territories. he concluded -- romney added similar economic differences are present in other neighboring countries such as the u.s. and mexico. in his comments, romney also grossly understated income gap between israelis and palestinians living under occupation. palestinians have denounced bronner's remarks and others say romney had been racist. >> [unintelligible] >> in his remarks, romney lavished praise on israel's socialist medical system, applauding and for its lower rate of gdp spending than in the united states. romney was in israel as part of a three-nation foreign tour that has brought him to poland. democrats appear poised to adopt same-sex marriage as part of their convention platform, becoming the first major party to do so. the democratic party drafting committee reportedly voted unanimously over the weekend to approve language endorsing same- sex marriage. it now faces a vote before the entire platform committee in two weeks. another vote
Jul 2, 2012 9:30am EDT
intact before we commit to make those investments. >> who is granting that permit? >> u.s. government. >> the u.s. government. so it's on our current territorial waters? >> yes. it's within the 200-mile exclusive economic zone. >> thank you very much. mr. timmons, you made a statement, and i wrote part of it down so i apologize again if this is wrong. this is an important issue for me. i'm talking about the deep seabed. you talk about international bodies that have permission to issue permits? did i misunderstand you? >> i think so. >> so currently if somebody was going to the deep seabed to try to mine rare earth minerals, there is no current authority other than what authority -- >> under isa, the convention. >> mr. donohue, the last time i brought this up the chairman and i got into a 15-minute discussion, and i blew up the whole meeting. this veto thing is an issue of which there is a lot of conversation. the chairman in his response back to you talked about the council. i'm not talking about environmental right now. i'm just talking about the council. the veto is when you object
Jul 9, 2012 5:30pm PDT
crime in chicago is down, and so is crime nationally. the police here tell us that july is the worst month for murders, saturday the worst day, 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. the worst hour. today the mayor announced a new attack on gangs and we'll have our interview with the mayor in just a moment. but we'll start with this last weekend. 17 new shootings, and dean reynolds was at the hospital to meet them. >> reporter: at the cook county trauma unit in chicago's strojer hospital, one ambulance after another delivers victims of the gang violence that just won't stop. >> we'll be doing a whole bunch to you right now. >> reporter: this unit treats about 1,500 gunshots and stabbings a year. >> stop that! >> reporter: in the first six months of this year, chicago had 22% more murders than new york, a city with five and a half million more people. >> we have to assume the worst case. >> reporter: in the midst of the mayhem is dr. fred starr, who was in charge of the unit this weekend. >> i've seen more people probably this year who have been caught in the cross fire or caught a stray bullet and
Jul 2, 2012 12:00pm EDT
the fast judicial overreaching on the one hand not to mention, "of verbal wizardry that took us too far, too deep into the forbidden land of the softest that's obviously not the leverage that we typically read in these opinions. so the affordable care act having survived one near-death experience now moves on to what may be the next one, the november elections. but even the very strong language that was of waste by the dissenting justices, and in some instances by the chief justice himself, we now know what a majority of the court thinks the government cannot compel us to do something we are not doing already unless it calls a tax in which case it can and in which case tam put it on the health affairs blog yesterday millions of americans were able to go to sleep last night secure in the knowledge that the federal government cannot meet you eat broccoli. [laughter] we move on now to discuss a little bit more in detail and in depth with the decision said and what it means going forward not just for the field of constitutional law but for all the other concerns i mentioned. and we have a v
Jul 5, 2012 7:00pm PDT
, let's seeow ts affecting markets. over on wall street, u.s. stock prices ended on aixmo. for details on how stocks are trading here in jan,e' intoo to ramin melonguard. markets back in full swing after independence day liy. how are tokyo stocks looking? >> let's go straight to the lelsctllth fday morning, and we can see exactly how we're kicking off here in tokyo following the u.s. and european markets, and bh des trang lower. 06foth nikkei can you remember, and 675 for the topix. a mechanics b ihe.s we did have the nasdaq trading actually unchanged onhe day, but it was helped by shares from apple and the dow andhe s&p 500 actually trading lower and that was weighed down by neti sentiment following some services data. i'll come tt isecond. slowing growth really is one of the keyoces across the globe, and that's really been proven by some of theenal ba mes that we've seen specifically china, of course of course cutting rates. the european central bank yesterday, thursday, cutting ras, as expected, and also the fos w is following the jobs numbers later today ith.s could the federal re
Jul 4, 2012 7:00am EDT
a million people still without power in the eastern u.s. at an american apology to pakistan helps to ease the burden on troops in the region. >>> i'm jeff glor. a jetblue pilot who caused a mid flight -- is found not guilty by reason of insanity. >>> first as we do every morning, we begin with a look at today's eye-opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> it's a huge mess. >> utility crews scramble. >>> people still have no power. >> as heat bakes the nation. >> heat advisories for the fourth of july holidays. >> feeling like 100 degrees. >> it's 104 in the shade right now. >> you stay inside. >> it's a hardship. >> breaking news overnight. a fast moving wildfire is burning in rural ranchland north of los angeles. >> in colorado air force tanker planes are back in the air to fight a slew of dangerous wildfires. >> you don't get much better than that. >>> a dozen people were injured in an accident in new hampshire. fireworks set a deck on fire filling a crowded home with flames. >> when the fireworks exploded it took off the porch and a portion of the house. >>> they u
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Jul 28, 2012 1:00pm PDT
aviv. he is visiting the key u.s. ally a place that obama has yet to visit since coming to the white house. i'm healther childers. >> i'm kelly wright. he is spending 36 hours in israel. including prime minister benjamin netanyahu. ahead of his trip he signed a bill reaffirming the united states commitment to israel and the administration announced additional defense funding for the jewish state. molly henneberg is live in washington, d.c. where she has been following all this. critics say the actions were timed to upstage governor's romney's visit. >> the white house says no to that. governor romney says he will not criticize president obama directly while he is overseas but romney has spoken previously while in the u.s. of obama's administration shabby treatment of israel. the israeli people deserve better than what they received from the leader of the free world. he is romney on the plane to israel today. israel is fearful of a nuclear attack by iran and governor romney will make the case he would be tougher with iran than president obama. he said in an interview with an israeli p
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Jul 28, 2012 4:00pm EDT
and shooting investigation, just go to online on whatever device you use for the very latest information on this story. >> heather: you can believe this 100 days left in the race for the white house. it can't get any tighter. a new poll showing president obama and governor romney are all tied up with 46% each. these numbers especially significant looking ahead to november. in nine of the past ten elections, the candidate leading the gallup poll to hundred days out has won the presidency. what about this. it's all tied up. john is a columnist and thanks for joining us. all tied, 46% down to the finish who crosses first and wins november 6th and how? >> obviously we have a lot of game changing events. we have three presidential events. each candidate is going to have a speech laying out the future. the basics of this campaign have been the same for a long time. president obama is the incumbent. everybody knows him. everybody has an opinion on him. he has not crossed 50% of the vote in two key questions in over two years. one, do you believe he deserves reelection and two do you
Jul 15, 2012 8:00pm PDT
to apologize. very good to hear. we're happy for elizabeth. that will do it for us tonight. thank you for joining us. don lemon back here next week. >>> tonight, on "cnn presents," soldier guinea pigs. >> he received a high dose of the incapacitating agent. >> they were never supposed to talk about this. it was top secret. >> reporter: forgotten heroes. this expensive slice of california real estate is supposed to house america's homeless veterans. so, guess who we found sleeping outside? betrayal of trust? sexual assaults on the rise at the nation's prestigious military academies. >> i remember him turning off the lights and me asking, what are you doing? >> women who feel betrayed by the military they committed to serve. and the pentagon's battle to do something about it. revealing investigations, fascinating characters, stories with impact. this is "cnn presents" with tonight's host, drew griffin. >> tonight, a special look at some of the men and women who have served our country. an eye-opening investigation into the unbelievable injustices done to them. we begin with the startlin
Jul 21, 2012 5:00am PDT
, powered by small motors. villagers use them as taxis or to transport goods. these tracks use to connect cambodia with neighboring thailand, all the way to bangkok. now, the tracks end here, 50 kilometers before the thai border. no one knows what happened to the tracks. they vanished during the wars of the 1960s and 70s. at the border crossing poipet, large trucks carry goods between thailand, cambodia and vietnam on congested roads. that's supposed to change. this is the poipet railway station. it's been dormant for years, serving mostly as a home for slum-dwellers. but soon it will be renovated. we were allowed to live here, says this woman, but now we have to leave. we've been promised land in return. the train station in the capitol phnom penh is already renovated: art deco architecture from the french colonial period. still, passenger trains don't run here anymore. yet, there's a feeling of optimism. a new locomotive is being tested. it's a chinese model -- a gift from beijing. the tracks out of phnom penh go through a giant slum. many people live on the tracks. the cambodian railwa
Jul 14, 2012 8:00am EDT
in outsourcing u.s. jobs. >> the obama campaign has already spent nearly $100 million on television commercials, most attacking romney's business record and accusing him of shipping jobs overseas. for "cbs this morning saturday," norah o'donnell, the white house. >> cbs news political director, john dickerson, is with us now. good morning, john. >> truth is, john, it's not unusual for a ceo to take a leave of absence. but it doesn't look very good. how do you think romney is handling this? are people going to understand this tricky situation? >> no. you're right. it looks a little exotic. it looks a little different than people's common experience. what governor romney wanted is his experience at bain to basically have people think he's a business guy, he knows how to fix the economy. that's all you need to know about him. now he's having to explain complicated business arrangements. he's talking about things that just sound different from people's day-to-day experience. it changes that bain story for him. he'd rather get off this topic, keep things focus odd n the and the status of the economy
Jul 28, 2012 10:00am EDT
and strategists. sheila will join us to take a look at money and politics. then we will get an update from iraq. 's futurealk about iraqi' in light of violence this week. that is tomorrow at 7:00. we will see you then. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] >> today, we will show you some of the international aids conference held this week in washington. dr. fauci is a first. he is followed by secretary of state hillary clinton and former first lady laura bush. this week, one of the world's leading aids researchers outlined the steps necessary for ending the global pandemic. he spoke at the 2012 aids conference held in washington for the first time in 25 years. dr. fauci is followed by phill wilson of the black aids institute. this is 55 minutes. >> please welcome francoise barre-sinoussi. >> thank you. it is a privilege and honor to introduce the first speaker of the first plenary session of the aids 2012 conference back in washington, d.c., after 25 years. [applause] only one person could give this first talk, a person
Jul 2, 2012 7:00am EDT
in mexico and what it means for the u.s. later, al jazeera english correspondent alan fisher talks about how al jazeera's english news network covers american news in the united states and around the world. "washington journal" is next. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] host: good morning, it is monday, july 2, 2012. right now you are looking at the shot of the pentagon in arlington, virginia, as we spend the first 45 minutes talking about recent changes to the role of women in combat. the department of defense recently opened up 14,000 military jobs closer to the front lines that have previously been closed to women. but critics are questioning whether the military have gone far enough. as we discussed those efforts of this money, we want to know what you think. give us a call -- a very good monday morning to you. we should note that congress is away from washington this week for the fourth of july recess, but it is still going to be an important week politically with the fallout from the supreme court decision a
Jul 13, 2012 10:00pm PDT
friend, congress wokecongresswoman louise slaughter thank you for joining us. >> it is a pleasure. >> eliot: tell us what your amendment would do, and why it's so important. >> well, democrats have been trying for some time to stop the outsourcing of jobs. the second thing we want to do is reinforce the sanctions and help our ally israel by making it tougher for iran. we believe the sanctions are working. and we simply need more. third, we want to say the corporations are not more important than people in the united states, and will not be ever again. i want to say one thing about the mining loss. i'm not sure that people understand that. the law that we operate under today was written in 1882 and signed by ulysses grant. we stopped a consortium including iran, we from uranium from the grand canyon. it's a scandal in itself, and it needs to be changed. iran is a threat to our best ally. we need to do what we can to keep those sanctions going. by all accounts, nicholas kristof, the people of iran would very much like to be friends of america. they hold us in high esteem and friends
FOX News
Jul 7, 2012 4:00pm EDT
threat for us a little bit of hail threat but not a tornado threat. keep in mind of all the severe weather because of that very damaging winds with some of these thunderstorms. that is what we're looking at as the front moves through. tomorrow it spreads farther to the south down to virginia, much of west virginia and down to evansville, indiana. once it goes through temperatures will drop a little bit but we still have this to deal with. chicago you are in clear but st. louis you are like 108, 107 in louisville. take a look at what happens over the next three days or so for us. some of big cities that have been dealing with. kansas city, d.c., chicago and new york, head towards the area on monday but for most part everybody back in the 80s. we do have relief coming but we have to get through today and tomorrow and the rest of the week will look good. >> gregg: so stay in bed and watch the fox news channel. thanks very much. >> heather: did you see that 103 in the nation' capitol. they are on track to break a heat record that was set back in 1930, cooling centers are open all acros
Jul 28, 2012 3:00am PDT
used his movie magic to show the queen teaming up with the james bond actor daniel craig in a scene that seems to show them parachuting into the olympic stadium. but stunt doubles actually jumped from the helicopter. it was not the queen. >>> let's take you over to london's olympic park where amanda davies is joining us this morning. good morning, amanda. we shared some of the highlights with our viewers. what stood out to you in the opening ceremonies? >> dan me boyle called this show the aisles of wonder and it left so many people wondering how on earth he managed to persuade the queen jump out of a helicopter with james bond 007. for me, that was most definitely the highlight. it had everything, not just that kind of humor, it had drama, it had david beckham in a speed boat going down the river thames and then it managed to maintain that great suspend which we had all been talking about, who was going to light the olympic caldron to mark the official opening of the games. and it really kept everybody guessing right down to the moment it happened. david beckham passed the torch to
Jul 4, 2012 8:00am PDT
going toll the iphone. so the story of immigrants in merge isn't a story of them. it's a story of us. it's who we are. and all of you get to write the next chapter. each of you traveled your own path to this moment. from campaigning a ruin to the philippines, russia, ma law, and places in between. some of you came here as children brought by parents who dreamed of giving you the opportunities that they had never had. others of you came as adults. finding your way in a new country, new culture, a new language. all of you did something profound. you chose to serve. you put on the uniform of a country that was not yet fully your own in a time of war. some of you deployed into harm's way. you displayed the values that we celebrate every fourth of july. duty, responsibility, and patriotism. we salute a husband and father originally from mexico now a united states marine, drawn , jy his wife sill video ya and daughter juliet. he says becoming a u.s. citizen in front of his wife and family and it's a better step. where's francisco? [ applause ] >> we salute a yum woman from el salvador who came
Jul 19, 2012 8:00pm EDT
to the u.s. as children and this administration refuses to take steps to check whether their claims are true or not. thdepartment of homeland security has gone out of its way to avoid the enforcement of immigration laws. the department policy of not enforcing will cause innocent americans their jobs. as secretary, you like all americans also must be concerned about the recent disclosure of national secrets. the methods of intelligence we used to protect security must be kept secret. when the secrets leak, american lives are threatened. recent damaging leaks include operational details of the bin laden raid, specifics about how we conduct cybersecurity, and information about drone strikes. because of these, enemies now know how we will hunt them, which will make it more difficult. o met security depends on our ability to keep secrets from those who would attack our homeland. when they become public knowledge, people and our -- people and our national petition -- interests are in jeopardy. the ability to keep secrets depends on identifying causes and put a stop to them. that is why i
Jul 23, 2012 7:00pm PDT
armed forces will use them if foreign troops intervene in the conflict. foreign ministry spokesperson jihad responded to speculation by anti-government fighters and other countries that the syrian military could resort to using weapons of mass destruction. he acknowledged his country has chemical and bacterial weapons. he says they're in storage and under the supervision of armed forces. >> translator: any unconventional weapon that the arab public possess would never -- would never be used against civilians or against the syrian people during this crisis. >> he says syrian forces will only use the weapons country faces external aggression. syria has not ratified the chemical weapons convention. officials from western countries suspect the assad government has stockpiles of mustard gas. they have expressed fear the turmoil in syria could allow terrorist organizations to take possession of these weapons. >>> european union foreign ministers say they're concerned about the potential use of chemical weapons in syria. they're also trying to choke off the supply of conventiona
Jul 19, 2012 6:00am PDT
>>> welcome to nhk world "newsline." naval defense crews from japan, the u.s. and australia are working together to prepare for one of the world's most dangerous natural disasters. they've held their first joint tsunami drill off hawaii aimed at saving lives should the monster waves strike. it's part of a u.s.-led multinational exercise. soldiers posed as civilians who had been swept away by a tsunami. divers from the three countries then took to the water and worked together to carry out a search operation. they used a boat to transfer the survivors to a japanese self-defense forces vessel. they provided first aid which included the use of oxygen masks. the drill is part of the rim xef exercise pacific exercise which happens every two years. rimpac began in 1971. the united states have been recently placing importance on humanitarian aid and disaster relief to encourage more nations to take part. a record 22 countries are participating this year. new additions include russia and india. china wasn't invited. analysts say the u.s. intends to use rimpac as one way to keep chin
Jul 29, 2012 6:30am EDT
of the issues that dr. king marched for are the same issues plaguing us today. has anything really changed? have african-americans become too complacent? is it time to resurrect the movement? >> we will not rest, we will not stop. we will not forget. >> we brought together a panel of leaders. the president and ceo of the national urban league. dr. jamal bryant, pastor of the empowerment temple in baltimore, and dr. eric dyson, sociology professor. we asked the question -- are we in the midst of a moment or a movement? >> i hope it's a movement, i hope it will ignite a greater degree, whether it's voter i.d., whether it's racial profiling and sometimes unfair police tactics. all the way across the board. we are up against a right wing resurgence in this nation. we have got to recognize that there's an element there that wants to repeal the 20th century, turn the nation back to the 1890s and i think we have a duty and a responsibility to educate and inspire and motivate people to push back and resist this yesterday vision of america and i think we have to replace it with a future vision. >> do we
Jul 24, 2012 1:00pm PDT
lavandera is joining us now once again from aurora, colorado. ed, what else are you learning? there are new developments emerging even as we speak. >> reporter: well, there's a great deal going on behind the scenes, but now there's a great effort to make sure that the principle players and many of the people involved in these investigations no longer speak publicly about what is going on. the judge issuing a gag order. ever since that has happened, it's become much more difficult to be able to report on this story and to keep up with what is going on. but we're told a few days ago by the police chief here in aurora that today, tuesday, would be the day defense attorneys would get a chance to go through the movie theater to do their own analysis inside the movie theater and gather their own evidence as they continue or begin the process of working on their case of to be able to defend james holmes, the 24-year-old suspect in this case. and then at some point tomorrow the theater would be turned back over to the company that owns it. and what happens to it after then is very much up in the ai
Jul 15, 2012 11:00pm EDT
, an invisible vapor, a cloud of smoke. we do not know -- >> reporter: the u.s. was also developing psychochemical weapons of its own. >> here's a group of normal soldiers responding correctly to a group of routine drill commands. after receiving a small dose of lsd, they're confused and undisciplined. >> reporter: edgewood arsenal was where much of the research took place. using men like tim josephs. >> when i got there, it did not look like a military base, more like a hospital. >> reporter: describe it. what was it that you saw? >> everyone's in lab coats. some military doctors, i guess, and some were civilian doctors. but they were well aware that you were a private and they were captain and up. and i expressed my concern right from the beginning. they took me aside and said, you volunteered for this. if you don't do it, there's most likely prison and a dishonorable discharge. >> reporter: you were intimidated? >> yes. >> reporter: 0ersed? >> yes. >> reporter: forced? >> forced. >> reporter: you didn't sign up for this? >> no, not at all. >> i reported up there september the 3rd
Jul 18, 2012 1:00pm EDT
in chief he has the obligation to help us to solve this problem. i ask our colleagues to please support this legislation. bring transparency. thank you. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. the gentleman from maryland is recognized. mr. van hollen: thank you, madam speaker. i listened carefully to what the chairman of the armed services committee said, and i didn't find much that i disagree with. we agree that we should replace the sequester. we agree that it's a mistake to create the kind of uncertainty that's out there, and obviously it has an impact not just in the defense sector, but also in all the other areas where our federal government has activities. but i would just say, and i want to make sure the chairman's on the floor now and has a chance to respond, he demonstrated some leadership on this issue. last fall, because he was asked this question, he was asked if he had to put together a plan that included some revenue, he said, yeah. i understand we got to make cuts, but i'd rather include some revenue than deep cuts to defense. in fact, what he said was,
Jul 22, 2012 4:01pm EDT
democracy in america, it talks about when congress gets the point where it can drive the public by using the public treasury, this is what you have. you have this exorbitant growth of the federal government. we are promising more and more largess to the american people. how does that work out? how did it work for greece or italy or ireland or spain? i know we are on c-span right now. this is the question you should always posed to liberals. where has what you believe in ever been successful in the world? [applause] >> who has got a mike? >> thank you for being here. could you give us some insight i believe it was last year, president obama had met with jewish leaders behind closed doors at the white house. could you give us some insight as far as what you think whether or obama's support for israel is one of the biggest things? >> i don't speculate. as president of the united states of america, how many times has he been to israel? how many times has he been to give major speeches in islamic countries? in turkey and in cairo. i think that you see what the ramifications thereof. that is w
Jul 10, 2012 8:00am PDT
would draw a veto. the u.s. has broken a yet theher heat wavrecord, with first six months of 2012 now officially the hottest first six months of a recorded in a calendar year. in the last two weeks of june alone, more than 170 all-time heat records read their broken or tied. blistering heat and drought have fueled record wildfires, damaged the nation's corn crop, and killed scores of people. the fires have consumed 1.3 million acres, the second- biggest area to burn during any june on record. while the plants are facing the worst drought in a quarter century, drenching rains in florida made last month the wettest june on record there. as the midwest and east the respite from the heat, storms are predicted across swaths of the country. , experts have described the recent spate of extreme weather as a preview of the planets long-term future of global warming. you in arabic kofi annan says his reached an understanding with president bashar al-assad to stop the violence raging in syria. >> we discussed the need to in the violence and ways and means of doing so. we agreed in approach which
Jul 25, 2012 7:00am EDT
reaction from top obama aide, david axelrod. >>> i'm erica hill. john miller gives us a new look at what happened inside the the colorado massacre. >>> i'm gayle king. a just released video shows a sea world trainer attacked by a killer whale. plus, we'll hear from three of the jackson brothers about their family mess. >>> but first as we do every morning, we begin with a look at today's eye-opener. your world in 90 seconds. >>> he has given trust where it is not earned. insult where it was not deserved and apology where it is not due. >>> mitt romney begins a high-profile trip abroad. >> he arrives in london today. the first stop on the three-nation overseas trip. >> president obama will visit israel during his second term in office. of course, when they heard the second term part, israel was like, we'll put you down as a maybe. >> in colorado, starting to learn more about what happened inside the theater as the shooting unfolded. >> i'm hearing him yell. the rounds are going off boom, boom, boom. >> batman star christian bale flew in to personally meet with survivors. >> a
Jul 4, 2012 6:00am PDT
"starting point," 17-year-old lia neal will join us live. she is the second african-american woman to make the u.s. swim team. >>> also, ben la bolt. >>> and jack abramoff. should be a lot going on. >> not appearing all together? >> should we do that? >> it could be very interesting. >> no, no. thanks so much for joining us. have a wonderful fourth of july. i'm brooke baldwin in new york. >>> now to carol costello in "cnn newsroom." >> good morning, and happy fourth of july to you too. >>> hot, hot, hot. today could be one of the hottest july fourths ever. that could happen in several major cities. heat, humidity, and thunderstorms will blanket the nation. >>> plus, this. >> just think of how many we got into one sentence. that was really impressive. what wrote this [ bleep ]? >> oh, new york mayor michael bloomberg unplugged at the nathan's hot dog wagon. seems he couldn't stomach the puns, like let me be frank. it's going to be a dog fight. and i'll relish it. it's bloomberg like we've never seen him. >>> also -- >> you can see the sparks flying all over the place. it was raining
Jul 24, 2012 4:00pm EDT
. the grant that he was using to go to attend college here in the denver area gave him a stipend, a monthly stipend of almost $2,200 a month. his rent in the apartment complex we had shown you from what we've been able to gather could be anywhere between $600 and $900 a month. so had some money left over. and the question is whether or not some of that money, that grant money that came from the national institute of health might have been used to buy the weaponry and the explosives in this case. so that is a question we know investigators are also taking a much closer look at, wolf. >> ed, it's now been more than 24 hours since the victims' families and their families saw holmes in that courtroom. they've had a little sense to digest what they saw, that red hair, that dazed look from time to time, what kind of reaction are you seeing anecdotally from folks you are speaking with right there on the scene in aurora? >> reporter: i think from the people who have been most closely injured and hurt not only physically but emotionally with the loss of loved ones and that sort of thing, there is a
Jul 26, 2012 4:00pm EDT
york times." today i had a chance to conduct the first-ever public in-depth interview with u.s. navy admiral who planned the raid that killed osama bin laden. admiral william mcraven may not be a household name, but as you're about to see, he's a genuine u.s. hero. this is the guy who's sitting right here who had the guts to tell the commander in chief we should do it, let's do it. and when you ordered that raid and when you said -- you didn't even know for sure that bin laden was abbottabad at that compound about a mile or so away from the west point of pakistan, did you? >> let me make one thing clear, i didn't order the raid. >> but he told the president of the united states that he thought he could do it. [ laughter ] >> i mean, and this is not a small point. the fact of the matter is it was the president of the united states that ordered the raid. >> and he deserves an enormous amount of credit for that decision. >> he does. [ applause ] >> and when he came to the head of special operations, that would be you, and said what do you think? what did you say? >> well, first, i will
Jul 9, 2012 8:30pm EDT
, but that is an enormous thing. >> host: all these devices use spectrum. >> guest: well, everything uses spectrum. i think that is a real washington way of looking at it there's only so much. we get that. i'm not disputing that. the way the government defeated a up stems from radio, stems from a very old thing, the notion, at the spectrum was too close to each other it would interfere. a million policies that are to a beverly have their roots in an era that bears no resemblance to the air today. that is one thing. spectrum policy in washington is enormously, even more than some other policies and laws by lobbying. fcc universe device issues, but the traditional deep-rooted telecom and dress, is out their favorite guy. is going to come out of the world. these less thousand people are adopting, not on all broadcast lists. >> host: one final question from eliza krigman of political, will at&t and arises dominance -- dominance, going to slow down innovation in the tax base? have anything to say about the far and the same is true today, whether it's horizon, sprint, or at&t or any of the ones overseas apple co
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